White-collared Junco

Posted 11/8/2014

Yes, I know there is no such bird species.  But this is the third winter in a row this bird has wintered here. At least, this is the third year in a row a Junco with this white pattern around the back of its neck has wintered here.

This is an example of leucism, where the feathers lack the ability to generate their normal pigment.  I think this is unusual in that the white pattern is very clean.  In addition, this is the third molt in which this bird has generated the same white feathers.  There has been some speculation that diet may be related to leucism.

The picture was taken through a sliding glass door, so it's not that sharp.  I'll probably get another hundred pictures or so during the winter, though!

How do you create a job?

Posted 11/8/2014

This seems to me to be one of the fundamental questions facing politicians, and I have not heard one yet able to answer it succinctly.  Here's mine:


Use your time, talents and resources to offer something for which people will pay you more than it costs.


Linda Blumenthal asked this question of Richard Blumenthal in a debate during their contest for the US Senate seat in Connecticut.  He famously stumbled, but I haven't heard anyone else try to answer it, either.

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